Now, where was I?

It’s been a while since I posted anything (a whole month, actually) but several things have distracted me recently. Namely; Christmas, New Year and Snow. Yes, even in the South West. Ice and snow everywhere, not nice.

Bus services here are gradually getting back to normal after several days of cancelled or amended services. Routes that normally take in residential estates or rural areas have been curtailed to run on main roads as they have the only treated surfaces. Just as well really, Torbay probably has the hilliest terrain in the region to negotiate. That’s why, years ago, Devon General specified the largest engines available in the AEC Regents they ordered for service in Torbay. 9.6 litre I believe.

Anyway, back on topic. With life returning to normal shortly, I need to catch up on my theory revision and book a test. I’m sorry if posts are rather sporadic. Things will pick up again once I’ve passed my theory test and booked up my practical instruction. Even conducting is a rare event in the winter months as the service 400 “Exmoor Explorer” doesn’t start up again until May and private hire duties are normally covered by my conductor colleagues as they live nearer to the depot.

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