Stagecoach passenger

I was a fare-paying passenger on a  regular Stagecoach bus today. Yes, I know. I wouldn’t normally choose to ride on one of these modern contraptions (a Dennis Trident, I think) but I’d just dropped my wife’s car off for its MOT and had to get to work pronto. So I caught the number 12 from town.

It’s not that bad really, but it just doesn’t cut the mustard for me. Yes, it’s clean and bright. Yes, it’s a comfortable ride. Yes, it’s packed with modern gadgetry. But, as I sat with a screaming automatic transmission behind me and having passed or seen half a dozen identical buses already, I thought to myself no, give me an open-platform halfcab every time.

Who cares if you can feel every ridge and knobble in the road? What does it matter if you can feel a draught around your ankles from the open platform? So what if the noise of the engine and gears drowns out all attempts at conversation? I want to ride on a bus with Character, Style and Charm. There’s more fun to be had on the journey than just getting to your destination!

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