Hazard Perception Test passed

Another step closer – I passed the Hazard Perception part of my PCV Driver Theory test today.

Following the advice of several people who have taken the test recently, I tried to perfect the technique of clicking the mouse at the right time to score highly. The practice DVD from the Driving Standards Agency was a great help and I watched the introduction to the test today twice, just to be sure of my strategy.

There were 19 separate video clips, each filmed from the roof of a van (I saw it reflected in a back window once!). They showed a variety of scenes, some in town, some on country roads and one on a motorway. Each contained several potential hazards plus one that developed into a situation where the driver needed to take avoiding action. One clip had two fully developed hazards.

Highest points were scored when I recognised potential hazards early and clicked again if they developed. There were 100 points to be gained, the pass mark is 67 and I scored 75. Not flying colours exactly, but comfortable.

I was SO relieved to open the folded paper handed to me by the receptionist at the test centre. I was looking for the word “Congratulations!” and sure enough, there it was.

Once I’ve received my Theory Test pass certificate in the post I can go ahead and book up my practical training and test. Then there’s the Driver CPC Case Study Test, but I think I can take that either before or after the practical test. Finally there will be a Driver CPC Practical Demonstration Test, which I’m hoping can take place at the same time as my practical test otherwise it will mean a separate journey up to Taunton!

4 comments on “Hazard Perception Test passed

  1. Graeme says:

    Excellent John, well done!

  2. Bob B says:

    Well done John, you appear to be making good progress. Good luck with the next stage.

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