Driver CPC Case Study Test passed

Yesterday I took my bus driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) Case Study Test and passed. Like the theory multiple choice and hazard perception tests, I was able to take it in Torquay near where I work. Very convenient. I just managed to squeeze it into my lunch break. There were 50 questions based on 7 Case Studies where basic facts surrounding fictional scenarios were presented. Most of this was covered by my revision for the Theory Test so I really didn’t do much preparation. That’s probably why I got 4 questions wrong. The pass mark is 40 and I got 46 out of 50.

So, that’s three out of five hoops I’ve jumped through so far. Just the Practical Test and CPC Practical Demonstration Test to do.

89 comments on “Driver CPC Case Study Test passed

  1. Good Morning John,
    Nice to see that you have passed another part of the test.
    I would hate to think I was doing my PSV test again – I think I would fail.
    When I passed mine in January 1972 (seems like only yesterday) it was about an hour’s drive, which comprised of:-
    • An Emergency stop.
    • Left and right hand reverse.
    • Stop at a Bus Stop with the rear platform level with the Bus Stop pole.
    This was on a hill.
    • So the hill start followed, then the
    • Up and down gear changing exercise -1st to 4th, then down 4th to 1st, without using the foot brake.
    Then back to the Test Centre, park up, round to the back,:-
    • A few Construction and Use questions, followed by
    • ‘The Highway Code’ questions,
    • Then the 1972 version of an interactive Traffic Sign section (laminated pictures in a ring binder).
    After all that “The Ministry Man” said that he would “recommend to The Traffic Commissioner that I be granted a license”.
    He did not say if I had passed, or for that matter failed. That was the way they did it then – no pass certificate, you just had to wait to see if you got a license.
    This of course (who could doubt it) dropped through the door a few days later, with the much coveted badge (BB 65374).
    Your jottings are encouraging me to complete my ramblings on my Web Site –
    Well I have bored you (and everybody else) for long enough.
    GOOD LUCK with the other sections, I look forward to reading about them.
    All the best

  2. busmanjohn says:

    Good morning Stephen,
    Thank you for your comments. Compared to your test in 1972 I have to jump through several hoops backwards! But then again, driving conditions and the vehicles themselves have become so much more complex. My only worry is that I’m doing this relatively late in life – I’m not a spring chicken any more!

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  4. Adam Cole says:

    I’ve just recently done mine 🙂 I didn’t do as well as you. Not sure why. It felt easy enough. But hey I passed. Got 98/100 in my theory test questions and 85/100 in the hazard perception. Can’t remember my exact score. But I can’t wait to get behind the wheel of a bus – even if it is a nice new bus compared to the type you like. So excited 🙂

  5. foufou says:

    my teste tomrow for cpc case studie i need help

    • busmanjohn says:

      If your test is tomorrow then I’m afraid you’ve left it rather late to seek help! I presume you’ve been revising from the DSA books?

      • Im confused with the Case studies, I can find software or books with just that in it or is it a case of knowing the theory really well ?

      • busmanjohn says:

        I don’t think there are any short-cuts, really. If you haven’t already read the official DSA books on Driver CPC, you can get them on Amazon. Sometimes you can find them cheaper on Ebay too. There is a training DVD too, that gives you a mock test.
        The Case Studies are really only questions about the theory you’ve already learned, just grouped into different scenarios.

  6. Kamal says:

    Can anyone in this discussion recommend which book to read to pass the PCV CPC Case Study test?
    I have done it twice and failed. I have book one again in 20th April 2013 but still not sure if I could pass.
    I passed my theory test in 2008 and practical test in 2009.
    Any recommendation would be helpful.

    • busmanjohn says:

      Hi Kamal, I don’t think there’s a specific book on the Case Studies module but there is a section on the DVD that deals with preparing for it. The Case Studies are based on the theory syllabus so if you revise from the Driver CPC Theory book you won’t go far wrong. The date you mentioned is last month, so did you pass? Or did you mean 20th May?

      • Emma says:

        I have done my pcv cpc case study many times and have failed I have looked at the DVD and cpc books and they have been no help would you recommend any tips that could help

      • busmanjohn says:

        Hi Emma, if you have the current official DVSA books and have studied them well, I think you’ll have a good chance of passing. If you have already passed your Theory Test then Case Studies is a logical extension of this. You just need to use the knowledge that you’ve gained through studying the Theory books (especially ‘The official DVSA guide to driving buses and coaches’) and add a large helping of common sense. Reading and revision worked for me – I hope it for you and that you are eventually successful.

  7. wayne says:

    Im thinking of trying to go for my D1 licence again. Basically i passed all my theory tests in 2010, did the minibus training, all was good, took my test and was gutted, i failed on one thing, (which that driver never used his indicator!) but thats gone now. So i took another test which cost a bomb and failed again, and because of this was very deflated so i basically through the towel in.
    So because its 3 years ago, all the theories would need to be re sat, and ive been practicising and getting 90/100 on the theory test.
    The trouble is it costs a lot of money so personally i feel under more pressure to pass has continous failure is not good.
    I do feel like i want another crack at it, but can i tolerate failure again? Why couldnt i have been born so i could have passed before 1997 then i wouldnt need to do it lol!

    • busmanjohn says:

      You can’t turn the clock back! Yes, it’s costly but, if you want to make a career out of it, it’s worth it. If you fail (like I did) book another test straight away, along with a few more days tuition.

      • Wayne says:

        Hi have you passed now then? I’m going to book my theorie tests in, get them done then have another crack at it.
        I know you can’t turn the clock back, but when you think what you got on licences in ‘them days’ before health and safety lol

      • busmanjohn says:

        Hi Wayne, yes I passed last year. I bought a set of books from the DSA and a practice DVD as well. I passed the theory modules OK after lots of revision and dummy-run tests but failed the practical test and practical demonstration test. I had to re-take both and, as you’ll read elsewhere in this blog, I very nearly gave up altogether. I was devastated when I failed but am so glad that I was persuaded to give it another try. I’ve had such a great adventure as a driver since passing. I’m sure you can do it too!

      • wayne says:

        Cheers, glad you passed. Can i ask do you only drive the 16 seater buses or is it more?. I failed twice and was so down about it, i feel more determined this time but am still really running on a budget so hope to pass fairly quickly. I remember passing my car test first time and i was so pleased id done that, if i pass this i will be more pleased i think, many thanks.

      • busmanjohn says:

        Since I passed my PCV test (Cat D) I’ve driven executive coaches, regular local bus service vehicles and heritage buses (Bristol Lodekka etc). The Cat D entitlement allows you to drive anything. It did cost a fair bit but I’m so glad I persevered because, when I lost my job as a graphic designer, I could turn to my Cat D licence and get a bus driving job. Are you just going for the minibus entitlement?

      • wayne says:

        yeah D1, dont personally fancy driving the bigger things. 16 people would be more than enough, plus theres always a job avaliable even for driving just that many people around.

  8. Ishy says:

    Hello iv done my theory n hazard and my practical. But I’m having trouble with the case study. I have done it quite few times and have failed it. I am finding difficulty in understanding it. I was fine with my theory and hazard but finding it difficult with case study. Is there any help that a can get.

    • busmanjohn says:

      You can get a book from the DSA: “Driver CPC – the official DSA guide for professional bus and coach drivers”. I found it very helpful. It has a section on the Case Studies module.

    • wayne says:

      I thought you had to do all 3 theories before you could put in for your practical?

      • busmanjohn says:

        You need to have done Theory and Hazard Perception before you can book your practical If you want to drive professionally you’ll need to do the CPC Initial Modules as well – Case Studies and Practical Demonstration.

      • Wayne says:

        Oh I thought all theories still needed to be done first. I just want to get them all done.

  9. wayne says:

    Forgot to ask whats the practical demonstration and how long does that take? cheers.

  10. wayne says:

    Sorry for replying again!, i only want my D1 to drive for my local council (sheffield), from what i read i do not need to do the CPC to drive for the local council, is this deffo the case. i dont want to waste time and money doing something i dont need, many thanks.

    • busmanjohn says:

      Unless you want to drive for your local Council as an unpaid volunteer, you’ll need the CPC qualification. Basically, if you get paid to drive, you need a Driver CPC card. If you’re still in doubt, check the job description. It should state whether or not CPC is required.

  11. wayne says:

    Hi again ive asked and i do not need to do the case study theory and the practical demo. It’s a bit of a loop hole, i would be driving for the council and been paid too, but because they operate under a ‘non commercial’ section 19 permit drivers dont require to do it. Same for ambulance drivers etc, if you look it up it shows. Mind ive still got my theories (9th october) and then the practical again to do! Ive been practicing my mirrors etc a lot more while ive been driving personally!

  12. wayne says:

    Hi, I took my theories and passed them, but unfortuanely failed my practical so thats it , its finished now and all over which is a shame but ive now packed it all in and will look for other jobs now.
    A real shame has i feel i would have been fine in that position, role on retirement i say!

  13. DavyW says:

    I took my case study test today and failed 😦 passed my theory and hazard perception no problem. Thought when doing it I had passed this one too but alas I missed it by one question. Any tips for me? I felt gutted completely as I done great in my theory and hazard and have been practising the theory questions at home since too. Feel very frustrated by this result today.

    • busmanjohn says:

      Davy, I can understand your frustration. I failed my practical test and later, the practical demonstration test as well. But I’m so glad I persevered. If you only failed on one question you need to book yourself another test ASAP. Keep revising from the theory book – ask a friend to ask you some random questions. Most importantly, take your time on the actual test. I found that I could probably got a higher score if I’d taken more care over my answers. Most of them are common sense, as long as you know the theory but you can easily throw it all away with one or two rushed answers that turn out to be wrong.

  14. DavyW says:

    Thanks John, have it booked again for 2 weeks or there abouts (earliest date I could get) are there any online help for the case study scenarios?

  15. imran says:

    Plz tel me witch book u study cpc pcv therew test

    • busmanjohn says:

      There’s a series of official books you can buy at any good bookshop, or online. They are published by the Driving Standards Agency. The one you want for the CPC tests is ‘Driver CPC’.

  16. Israr says:

    Hi can anyone who passed his D1 give me any advice on pcv cpc case study and tell me more about the practical test and what shall i watch out for.

  17. David says:

    Dave from Wolverhampton. got my case study test this Wednesday, for national express buses. would you say that the test is based on everything I’ve revised for the theory test ?

    • Israr says:

      I failed it is very tricky….i am revising the book but i dont have a clue…so questions put you off….HELP PLZZZ!

  18. rups cheema says:

    I failed two time in CPC case study module two in my again test in 2july.can u any tips and help please.

  19. luc says:

    please somebody can recommend me from where i should learn for case study module 2 exam , because i learn all questions from and i faild 2 times with the same result . i need another source with questions..


  20. Israr says:

    Hi just passed my case study test 43 out of 50, it was my 4th attempt, pervious was 38 , it took a lot of revision and i pulled through it, any one need help im ready to assist, Thank You Can any one help me with CPC PRACTICAL DEMONSTRATION TEST, much appreciated THANKS

    • Lu says:

      I failed 2 times first time with 33 and second with 35 , so…. I will start and learn again

      • Israr says:

        Yes i understand the furstration i passed it in 4th go, 36, 31 , 38 , 43 , you got to revise from this book il send you online link, its got most of the information you need to pass, you should also learn the theory multichoice questions, the secenario is straight forward but the questions and the answers are tricky, but if you take your time, think about the question carefully you cant fall short, my advice will be never give up keep revising and take your time, flag the question your not sure, come back later to it.

  21. Kate says:

    just failed my cpc case studies after so much revision the test was nothing like the 120 case studies I practised where do I go from here HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • busmanjohn says:

      Sorry to hear you’ve failed the Case Studies module. If you’ve already passed the Theory module, the CS part shouldn’t be too difficult. Where did you get 120 sample case studies from? The official DVD I practiced with only had 5 or 6, just to give a flavour of how the test works. The actual content is based on what you’ve already learned, together with a good helping of common sense. Don’t give up, give it another try!

  22. Saleem says:

    I failed my pcv cpc module 2 case study theory test can you help mr

  23. Saleem says:

    I failed my pcv cpc bus case study twice so I need some help to pass my test thanks

  24. Charlie says:

    Took my CPC today and very pleased to have passed. Was a bit apprehensive because as stated above there isn’t really any way to revise specifically for this test other than brush up on the theory test material and apply a liberal dose of common sense. I found it quite tough but passed first time with 44 out of 50! I was also lucky enough (a few weeks ago) to pass my theory test first time with 84% for the hazard perception and 95 out of 100 for the multiple choice. I have a legal background in the Civil Service but took early retirement a few years ago when I saw what was coming down the line.I have always have always wondered what it would be like to to drive a bus or coach and I have a friend who has done this for a living for many years. I have paid privately for a PCV CPC course and I’m very pleased to have got all the theoretical stuff out of the way! I start the practical course at the end of the month which will be followed by the practical test and practical demonstration. I have to say I I’m a bit nervous now having read about all these obviously capable people failing first time! I’ll keep my fingers crossed and let you know how I get on!!

    • busmanjohn says:

      Very well done, Charlie! Those are excellent scores. You’ve hit the nail on the head. As I discovered, you just have to be sure of the theory and how you would sensibly apply it in the real world. Thanks for posting your experiences here.

      When you’ve passed your practical, how are you going to use your new licence?

      • Charlie says:

        Thanks Busmanjohn,
        I’m not sure what I’ll do if I pass. I don’t want to tempt fate by thinking too much about it yet. I just want to pass it then consider my options. Driving a coach or bus sounds like great fun but I’ll let you into a little secret….I have never driven one or even sat in the drivers seat of a bus! All I can say is that it it something I’d love to do and there is no doubt that being a bus driver is one of the most unheralded forms of serving the community that there is? Just think of it! You move people about so that they can get to work or go about their daily lives. It provides a vital form of transport for the elderly or those who do not have a car or choose not to use one. It reduces pollution by reducing the numbers of cars on the roads who would otherwise be driving. It is a far more efficient way of moving large numbers of people about! I could go on!!!!!

  25. Charlie says:

    Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I should have said I took my “CPC case studies test”!!

    • Shahid says:

      How to I’m revised cpc cases stadi my test is to wicks tame please halp me anyone

      • Charlie says:

        Shahid, you must revise all the theory test questions and master the multiple choice questions! There is no short cut. You need to think in a practical way about the theory questions and think about how they might apply in real life situations!

  26. Tony says:

    Hi guys took theory hazard and cps all on this. Supposed to be 8am 12noon and 3pm but because it was not busy they put me in all back to back.felt very confident about first two tests but not so about cps a bit wary anyway 97 theory 77 hazard 39 cps shocked at cps maybe overload or over confident but certain I had passed cps doing again next Friday any words of advice would be greatly received thanks.

  27. Alan says:

    Anyone can recommend me a site where I can find Bus case study test questions please?

    • busmanjohn says:

      As far as I know, the only time you get to see the actual test questions is on the day of your test itself. When I took the test there were example questions on the official DVD which gave me a flavour of what to expect. My view is that there are no short cuts, you just need to have read and understood the official material thoroughly.

      Someone who has taken their test more recently than 2012 might be able to offer more up to date advice.

  28. Ali says:

    Hi I’ve done my pcv case studies test three times but keep on failing for some reason. I wanted to know where I shall put an x on a question where it show a bus with arrows infront behind left and right and a bus in the middle. The question is where would your passengers fall if the driver brakes sharply? Front of the bus. But not sure where I shall put an x on, is it the arrows or the bus can someone help me with that please

    • Charles Aghadiuno says:

      Ali, from what I recall that particular question is asking you to demonstrate your understanding of motion and its direction when applied in a particular way. For example, if a bus is traveling along at 30 mph and is forced to brake suddenly, all the passengers will be thrown forwards ie towards the front of the bus. The arrows indicate a particular direction according to events and you are being asked to indicate a direction of movement by using the arrows. the arrow you choose will depend on the question and the circumstances it presents.

      Best of luck on the next test.


  29. Bazza says:

    Hi,took all three test a week ago and too be honest i found them certainly alot harder then i expected.Not bad first test with 96 ,Flagged about 30 questions so was surprised with 96.Hazard i think i kept pressing the button too much as scrapped through with 70 but the case study is hard.Again probs knew about 30 of the questions but others had flagged and failed with 36.I re took this this week and got 43 second time.Just relief i got over these first hurdles.You really do have to really read the questions as found the clues in the questions.But its certainly not easy imho and ive been driving for over 25 yrs in cars.

    • busmanjohn says:

      Of all the theory tests for PCV drivers, the Case Studies module is the one which makes people stumble. The fact is, you have to know your subject. You can’t bluff your way through, you have to know what the question is asking you. My best advice is to study the official theory books thoroughly. It’s a bit like going back to school and revising for an exam. Actually, you ARE revising for an exam.

      Secondly, I found it helpful to imagine myself in the situation described in the CS question rather than rack my brains to try remembering what the correct answer is.

      To summarise, know your subject. If you can’t answer the questions correctly in a test situation, how are you going to make decisions in real life when you’re behind the wheel with 50+ lives at stake?

  30. Bazza says:

    the bus is facing up as you can see the wing mirrors of the bus.

  31. Laura b says:

    Anyone know anywhere I can find the case study questions for the bus cpc really finding it difficult any help is much appreciated

    • busmanjohn says:

      You won’t find the actual questions anywhere. That would be giving the game away! You really have to know the subject and revise well. Some sample questions can be found in the official DSA book though.

  32. Chris Harmer says:

    failed my case studie today by 2 marks. really annoyed got 95/100 theory and 93/100 hazard. any tips ? I was finding some questions the right answer could easily of been 2 of the 4 answers given

  33. Adrian Huber says:

    Hello, anybody knows the answer at this question:
    1. That was tricky regarding a medical condition. What can exclude you from a driving:
    A) color blindness
    B) high blood pressure

    2. you are the first person to arrive at an incident what’s your first action you need to take:
    A) find a safe place to stop
    B) call the emergency service

    3. How can you notice more fuel consumption?
    I choose Black smoke from the exhaust but im not sure

    on the road, the traffic lights stop working what should you do?
    thread as an unmarked junction
    give the priority from the right
    pass as normal because you have priority

    4. another one was related to the slow moving vehicle on the dual carriageway and the question was what would the driver to:
    -stay behind and drive behind him
    -carefully overtake him on the right lane

    5. Darek has to walk around checks on the depot but the space is occupied by other buses and they close to each other Darek should do:
    -wait till other buses move
    -go inside the bus and make external checking through the windows
    -drive to another spot in the depot

    6. Darek hears an alarm beeping what should he do:
    -go to the fire point
    -report to his supervisor

    Your headlights stop working and its dark and you need to get back to the depot. what should you do to:
    -use hazard warning lights
    -use rear fog lights
    -use front fog lights
    – use interior lights

  34. Dave says:

    I failed the CPC CS Module 2 today. got 35 out of 50 any advice please

  35. Philip says:

    I have taken the case study for the second time and failed. Do you what I can look at to help me. Find it hard to passed .

  36. Michael mountain says:

    Have taken case studies test for the second time and missed passing the exam by 3 marks,I have passed the theory and hazard test but I’m wondering how many attempts do you get on the case studies test..

    • busmanjohn says:

      I did my test in 2012 but don’t remember if there was a limit on the number of attempts except having to pay each time. As long as you have revised the theory well and can use your common sense, you should be okay.

  37. Michael mountain says:

    Derek approach an incident where a lorry has over turned carry a corrosive substance,what’s the first thing you should do? (A) cut off fuel line to engine (b) make sure passengers are all safe (c) move injuried people (d) check all hazards are work.

  38. Michael mountain says:

    You are at the scene if a traffic incident your overall stopping distance will be (a) two times (b) 4 times (c) 6 times (d) 10 times

  39. Michael mountain says:

    What’s the difference between a mini bus that carries 9-16 passengers & a midi bus?

  40. Michael mountain says:

    What should you check is working in your coach when carrying passengers? (A) your microphone is turned on (b) the air con is turned on (c) the emergency door is open (d) the toilet door is ooen.

  41. Michael mountain says:

    When must you turn exterior lights on your coach (a) when it’s sunny (b) from morning till dark (c) when carrying passengers on board (d) During morning periods

  42. Michael mountain says:

    A lorry has over turned carrying a corrosive substance causing a road incident causing you to run late,your first action to take is contact (a) contact the emergency services (b) make sure all passengers are safe (c) move injuried people (d) contact your supervisor for emergency aduce.

  43. Michael mountain says:

    New fitted resistance tyres will prevent… (a) brakes over heating (b) skidding error (c) smoother journey

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