Big Shout-out for Rob Sly

Congratulations to Rob Sly, who has passed his PCV practical test in the last few days.

Rob is one of my blog readers but is far bigger in the bus world than I will ever be. He has a passion for all things Bristol, particularly of the LH, RE and VR varieties. In fact, he’s so enthusiastic about Bristol VRs that he owns one (JOU161P)! Now that he’s passed his test he can drive it with a full load if he wants to and I’m sure that he will as soon as possible!

I can highly recommend his long-established and highly regarded website, Bristol Commercial Vehicles Enthusiasts. There you’ll find details of every surviving Bristol Lodekka, RE, LH and VR, along with links to sites which specialise in other Bristol bus marques.

Have you ever driven up a gradient on a dual carriageway or motorway with your foot to the floor? And have you felt rather envious of other drivers whose cars sail past you as if they were going downhill? Well that’s how I feel now! Rob has overtaken me on the road to PCV status while I’m marking time, waiting for some colleagues to play catch-up.

I’m not bitter of course and I wish Rob all the best in his further adventures out on the road with historic, cherished vehicles.

8 comments on “Big Shout-out for Rob Sly

  1. Rob Sly says:

    Thanks for the kind comments John. It was a great relief to pass my test, especially as the first thing I did was to flunk the emergency stop. My training vehicle was a 1992 Setra with crawler gear set really close to 2nd in the gate – of course I managed to select crawler for the exercise and when I tried to correct it found fourth….”Let’s try that again shall we Mr Sly?”. Fortunately it went pretty well after that, spending an hour threading my way through Birmingham traffic and broken down NatEx/TWM double deckers. I hope to arrange an enthusiast run on JOU161P before the end of this rally season.

  2. Hi John,

    Hope your keeping well!! Nice to see the blog is still going well!!

    Keep up the good work.

    Jon Pratt

    PS – Long time no see!!

  3. sharpsbus says:

    Hi, Thanks to you Rob we now have our bus featured on your website – . To follow our project successfully progress and convert from bus to home and still maintain it’s original glam thru careful restoration please view our blog here at
    You’re a very busy boy too and we love and admire peeps like you Rob. All the very best!
    Lisa and Arthur

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