Does Railtrack still exist? Not as we remember it!

Just for a laugh (and there are many contained herein) I’m digressing into railway-land. Or should that be ‘branching out’? No matter.

In an idle moment recently I came across a collection of letters written by someone at Railtrack. The thing is, Railtrack plc (the company which owned and maintained our country’s rail infrastructure after British Rail) was itself superceded in 2003 by Network Rail, also known as Notwork Fail by those with an axe to grind. Some bright spark thought it would be amusing to buy up the old name and have a bit of fun with it, at the expense of those who had failed to keep up with events.

The new ‘company’, located in a grubby flat in Edinburgh acting as a correspondence address, was called Railtrack Ltd and seems to have been the work of one man, John Hein, who replied to incoming letters as J White, Secretary.

Those seeking compensation from Railtrack for all manner of accidents or other failings by the rail company were treated to written replies which ranged from the polite to the downright insulting. The writer obviously has an excellent grasp of the English language and of legal-speak in particular and he uses this to great effect when winding up his unsuspecting victims. However, those of a sensitive disposition should be prepared for the occasional use of strong language.

Anyway, enough from me, download the PDF here: [Edit: this collection of letters has now been published in e-book form. You can see details here].

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One comment on “Does Railtrack still exist? Not as we remember it!

  1. John Hein says:

    As I’ve now published the book, I’d appreciate it if you’d take down the PDF of my Railtrack Letters and refer visitors to this link:

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