An absence of action

OK, so it’s been a bit quiet around here. Not because I’ve lost interest, far from it. I’ve been away to warmer climes for a holiday.

It wasn’t a busman’s holiday either, before some smart-alec asks. Having said that, Lanzarote does have buses. Here’s one trying to squeeze onto the car ferry.

They’re nearly all single deckers and about half a mile long. The 3-axle air-conditioned Irizar monstrosities seem to weave around the narrow streets of the resorts with very little bother at all. The drivers, both male and female, are expert at judging distances and negotiating tight corners. Some buses even have anti-grounding devices (for want of a better phrase) which are strong metal extensions to the chassis mounted under the front of the body. These serve to protect the hugely overhanging bodywork from striking the pavements.

Then there’s the stunning coach fleet of AmandaBus. Sleek, modern …and pink. And yellow. In fact every colour under the (extremely hot) sun.

Now I’m back in the UK it’s back to normality and a weekend of heritage buses. I’m conducting on the Exmoor Explorer both days (with another new trainee) and a number of our fleet will be out running the shuttle service into Taunton for the WSR Steam Fayre and Vintage Vehicle Rally at Norton Fitzwarren. If you come for a ride on the Service 400 from Minehead, introduce yourself!

2 comments on “An absence of action

  1. MIKE DAN says:

    Interesting to see the videos of spanish buses. Do you also have a youtube page we could enjoy? Incidently there are some classic buses you will recognise on my youtube video WATCHET CARNIVAL 2010

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