City of Exeter buses at night

As I mentioned in my last post, my driver at the Exeter event took many photographs between journeys. He has sent me one of the best, taken outside Exeter St Davids Station during a layover. Our bus, Guy Arab IV TFJ808, is almost full with passengers wanting to return to the bus station and a similar Guy Arab (although with Park Royal bodywork) has just drawn up behind.

The lighting conditions outside the station were particularly helpful, providing a nice white light as opposed to the orange hue normally cast by the sodium street lights in most other places. Photographer Ken Jones has an excellent set of photos on the Focus Transport website.

I heard yesterday that a total of £380 was raised for the NSPCC during Sunday night’s event. If you were there and popped a donation into one of the collecting boxes, thank you!

Photo © Jonathan Pye

One comment on “City of Exeter buses at night

  1. Mike Dan says:

    What a great range of photos on the mentioned site. So many of my favourite designs. I didnt expect such good photos to be possible in the dark! Thankyou everyone concerned!

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