PCV practical test next week!

Drivers’ hours, how to drive in snow, braking systems, passenger comfort, low bridges…

Yes, I’m revising for my PCV (bus driver) Practical Test, which I’m due to take next Friday. It’s nearly a year since I took my Theory Test so I need to recall all the stuff I learned last year. Not that I’ll be tested on my knowledge of theory, but it informs my judgement and decision-making out on the road.

Am I nervous? You bet I am! Although it’s not rocket science, I will still be apprehensive as I undergo 5 days of intensive training next week in Plymouth with my test on Friday. I suppose I’m fortunate in that I’ve driven buses a few times already and I’ve had 2 assessment sessions in a coach which will set me up nicely for the final lap. Wish me luck!

6 comments on “PCV practical test next week!

  1. Mike Dan says:

    Good luck John! If keeness is rewarded, you will pass!

  2. Graeme says:

    Hi John, all the very best for next week, I’m sure you will be fine. Fingers crossed for you anyway! Unless anything’s changed since I did mine, I wouldn’t worry too much about cramming from the book – whilst there are some questions as part of the practical, you’ll get the crib sheets at the start of your training, learn those and you’ll be okay. Good luck. Graeme.

  3. Rob Sly says:

    Good luck next week John. You’ll be fine – just keep everything slow and deliberate and keep watching those mirrors! You’ll be begging for the test by Friday. Rob

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