Running Weekend Twitter feed

I’ve recently set up a Twitter account for Quantock Motor Services to enable folks to keep right up to date with news about the Running Weekend at the end of May. If you have a Twitter account, follow “quantockms” on your computer or mobile phone to receive updates.

It will really come into its own during the week prior to the event and during the actual weekend (May 28th/29th). We plan to post snippets of news about final preparations, changes to timetables and other useful information. During the event, if you’re following us, you’ll be notified as soon as a change or delay happens. If for instance one of the buses becomes unavailable, we’ll post news of its replacement. If there’s a delay to a service, we’ll try to post information as soon as possible.

This is a bit of a trial, as the person doing most of the updates will also be the Depot Despatcher, a very busy person! Full details about the weekend (I’m conducting on the Saturday) are on the Quantock website.

If it all goes well and a good number of people sign up to follow our updates, we may continue to use Twitter to provide information about changes or delays to regular services provided by the company. A number of other bus and coach operators already use Twitter in this way quite successfully.

In other news, I haven’t given up on driving yet. I’ve been speaking to the driving school in Exeter and I may complete my unfinished course and take the PCV test in Exeter. No date yet.

Commenting has been re-enabled.

One comment on “Running Weekend Twitter feed

  1. Mike Dan says:

    That is good news John! Twitter eh?> Something else to get my head around! I will see if I can join!

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