Setright ticket roll printing

It’s your turn, dear reader, to help me with some information. Does anyone know if there are any companies/museums/individuals who have the machinery to print new rolls for Setright Speed ticket machines? The tickets look like this when issued:

These are just a couple of examples of Setright tickets from west country operators. The Western National tickets are probably from the 1960s or early 70s and the Wilts & Dorset ones are from the de-regulated ‘Wilts & Dorset Bus Company’ rather than the older ‘Wilts & Dorset Motor Services Ltd’. I have a number of these rolls and the ticket strip shown here was issued from my own machine only yesterday!

I am already aware of Keith Edmondson’s website and have dealt with his company before but are there any others around who still have the equipment on which to print fresh rolls? Please leave a comment if you can help. Thank you!

7 comments on “Setright ticket roll printing

  1. Brian boyd says:


    There has been machines on Ebay recently for printing tickets but as it seems to be one ticket at a time, a 500 roll would take ages.
    Sorry not to see you on any of my 400 trips last year. I managed a trip on the last day and the clippie was the one you trained in 2010. She did well and said Steve the boss was up front. I saw him with the same bus at the Winkleigh rally.
    It looks like even the 300 is in jeopardy this year!
    Hope you get your drivers licence this year. It will be well deserved.



    • busmanjohn says:

      Hello Brian, thank you for the Ebay info. I will check this out. Sorry to have missed you last season, too. I only did 4 turns on the 400 and I’m not sure if any open top services will run from Minehead this year.
      I will let everyone know if I pass my test!

    • busmanjohn says:

      Not recently, Dave. I see they do list Setright rolls so I’ll drop them a line. Thanks!

      • Dave Moore says:

        Let me know how you get on, John. I have used Keith Edmonson before for blank Setright ticket and ink rolls etc but for printed rolls, his minimum order is quite expensive and more than the museum would want to pay out at the present time.

      • busmanjohn says:

        We’re exactly the same, Dave. When I was with Quantock Motor Services we had a batch done by Keith but the quantity was far greater than we actually needed. Now that the “Exmoor Explorer” service has been cancelled (the main user of Setright tickets) I don’t expect they will ever get used up!
        At Crosville we only use them occasionally for private hire jobs – souvenir tickets, just for fun – and on timetabled services in Weston when heritage buses are used.
        I did consider knocking up a jig to print rolls the hard way, with a Trodat Printy!

  2. Vicky says:

    British Paper Coils BPC UK Ltd

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