Weston-super-Mare Vintage Bus Running Day

EDIT: This page refers to the 2012 event. See this page for news of the Crosville Bus Rally 2013 or, better still, visit the rally page on the Crosville website.

The folks at Crosville Motor Services, for whom I drive quite frequently, are putting together ambitious plans for a Running Day on Sunday August 26th. It will involve putting out every roadworthy bus in their garage, if they can find enough crews of course!

That will, of course, include more than Lodekkas. Although they have been the staple diet of this blog, I’m pleased to say that other examples of the Bristol marque will be present, including  K, L, MW, VR and LH. Non-Bristol vehicles may even turn up as visitors to redress the Bristol-heavy bias!

The day will also include a celebration of 25 years since the local Badgerline company was established.

If all goes to plan, Crosville’s timetabled services 100, 145 and 152 will all be operated by heritage buses and a shuttle service, linking the depot to various parts of the town, will be operated by up to 6 Bristol Ks. Most of these will be supplied by the Bristol Omnibus Vehicle Collection, which shares garage space with Crosville’s own heritage fleet.

There will be static displays, a road-making demonstration and society stalls at the depot, admission to which will be by the purchase of a programme. This also allows you unlimited travel on any of the timetabled services running on the day. Also on display will be some of the modern bus and coach fleet, together with some interesting Crosville restoration projects including an AEC Matador recovery vehicle.

I’ve had great fun designing an advert for the event, which you can also download as a PDF, if you feel like printing one out. I’m sure they’d welcome any help with spreading the word!

Crosville Running Day A4 poster

If any of you are qualified PCV drivers with crash gearbox experience or have done conducting and would like to help, please call the Crosville office on 01934 635259. I’ve got my name down for this event (how could I miss it?) and I’m secretly hoping to have a go in one of the Bristol Ks. The only down side is that it’s on a Sunday, when I’m usually to be found in church, but I’m making a special exception this time!

In other news, I’m off up to Cheltenham tomorrow. No, not the races! I’m out with the Hants & Dorset Bristol FLF again, providing transport for a wedding. The forecast is appalling though, so spare a thought for yours truly as I battle through wind and weather.

7 comments on “Weston-super-Mare Vintage Bus Running Day

  1. Mike Dan says:

    Inspit of all the advance publicity I am still unaware of where the Weston Bus rally is actually taking place. I dont know where in Weston the depot is located.

  2. What is the correct date for this event as the 26th August is a bank holiday Monday? The 25th is a sunday?

  3. Hello John thanks for the info about the Crosville Running Day. My friend and I both hold class 1 PCV licences and own a Lodekka each so if you are short of crews for the event let me know, if you allocate us a Lodekka we could share the driving although I would need a tacho for my bus company to conform to drivers hours requirements. We would obviously need route training and its been many years since I last used a Setright ticket machine. I would of course need to get the green light from my bus company but cant see a problem so long as I am not RTA*d as they have let me drive for the Wirral Transport Museum on several occasions (they own another Lodekka).

    • busmanjohn says:

      Hi Carl, do you mean a Category 5 PCV licence? Most of our active fleet have tachos installed so you should be OK on that score. How far away are you? It might pay you to come down and recce the area before the rally date. If we have driving covered but need conductors, you could come in useful on one of the free services. There will be several back-loaders on these so, although conductors are needed, no money changes hands and any tickets issued are just souvenirs. I suggest you contact the Crosville office direct on 01934 635259 and offer your services.

      • Hello John took my PSV test on a stickbox PD in 1989 so it was classified as a Class 1 in those days. Would certainly recy the area some time before the event. Will phone the Crosville office as you suggest. Will seek the green light from my bus company firstthough.

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