New batch of Tilling-style jackets: interested?

Following my previous post about surviving summer dust jackets from former Tilling Group operators, I have been in touch with one of my blog readers. Between us we have hatched a plan to have some new jackets made.

The trouble with original jackets is, as you can see, they are all at least 40 years old now and most will have had a harsh working life before that. Quite apart from the fact that they are about as rare as hen’s teeth when it comes to acquiring one these days.

A chap I know is part of a group that commissioned a new batch of London Area jackets from a workwear manufacturer. They turned out to be really rather good, being made from the correct cotton twill fabric and double-stitched as per the originals. Our plan is to investigate the costs involved in having another batch made, this time using an original (unissued and unwashed) Crosville jacket as a template.

We would have both green and red trim made so that drivers and conductors can have a jacket that is correct for the bus operator of their choice. We believe that the base ‘khaki’ colour was common to both green and red fleets, unless you know different. In which case, please say so!

The success of this project depends of course on a viable number of people being willing to place an order. I plan to publicise this in as many places as possible, directing people to this blog and the Poll that you see on the right of this page.  The cost of each jacket will of course depend on the size of the order so please use the Poll to signify your interest. To set your mind at rest, an expression of interest does not constitute an order but we would hope that it will be a firm commitment to buy, when the time for ordering comes.

Just one thing; if you email me or leave a comment expressing interest, please tell me if you’ve voted in the Poll as well, otherwise you’ll be counted twice!

A growing number of heritage buses are being returned to use, many of them for commercial operations such as private hire and weddings. The one thing that is often missing though is correctly dressed crews, which is why this new batch should be very popular.

And if anyone needs a new cap with yellow piping, I have a contact for those as well!

30 comments on “New batch of Tilling-style jackets: interested?

  1. Robert says:

    Hi John, I am interested in a drivers cap with yellow piping size 7, can you please give me some contact details .

  2. Rob Jennings says:

    Hi john i might like a drivers cap with yellow piping large please already have plymouth style dustcoat.

  3. Rob Jennings says:

    Thanks John have decided on a extra large jacket instead

  4. keith Richbell says:

    I would like a or also a conductors and drivers dust jacket,

    • busmanjohn says:

      Thank you Keith. Which colour trim would you like on your jacket, red or green? Please let me know if you have also used the Poll on this page. I don’t want to count you twice!

      • keith Richbell says:

        I would prefer a green dust jacket, but would accept a red one if that was what is available, thanks, Keith Richbell.

      • busmanjohn says:

        Green-trimmed dust jackets will definitely be available, red ones may also be done if there is enough interest.

        You’ll be able to order your choice of colour and size later, once we have ordered the fabric and supplied a template to the manufacturer.


  5. Greg says:

    Hi, I am interested in about 6 dust jackets and also the same number of white coaching jackets (same cotton). I understand Colin Billington was also looking at running the jackets so you might like to talk to him, also if you can inform me about the hats that would be great. Thanks.

    • busmanjohn says:

      Thanks for your comment, Greg. Do you need green or red trim?

      I will indeed contact Colin and you will need to contact him yourself with regard to the caps. We are not at this stage planning any white coaching jackets unless there is significant interest in them. Were they the same pattern as the standard dust jacket with white fabric instead of khaki?

  6. Nigel says:

    I would be interested in a “green fleet” jacket.

  7. Richard Belton says:

    I’ve voted for a green trim jacket, but would actually like a couple of them, and one with red trim as well please – you never know if you’re going to acquire a red bus in the future.
    I would also be interested in a cap as well.


  8. Just a word of warning on Dust Jackets …….it is not a simple job ordering them! I had the job for several years of arranging batches of them for the East Anglia Transport Museum, make sure everyone knows their size and length of arms is another problem. I orginally had a supplier make them from the pattern using my Gt. Yarmouth Corp one. I have thankfully found someone else to take on the task
    Good luck and remember our latest ones are around £30 cost price with one for a LARGER member coming out at £45. It is good for our paying visitors to see nearly all members now wearing our uniform.
    Regards Neil Chilvers

    • busmanjohn says:

      Many thanks, Neil. Wise words! The manufacturer we’re planning to use make workwear and have an established ordering process so chest measurement and sleeve length will be included. Not sure about pricing yet but yes, we must be realistic. I imagine that our price will come somewhere between yours and a reasonably priced original.

      I agree with your comment about museum members wearing uniform – it makes a huge difference to the impression given to visitors. So many times I’ve seen excellent displays of vehicles spoiled by drivers and conductors in plain civvies!


  9. Greg says:

    any further news on the uniforms? i can be contacted via my web site

    • keith Richbell says:

      Is there any news of summer style dust jackets being made, as I have an interest in ordering one.

      • busmanjohn says:

        Hi Keith, there has been a delay as my colleague in the London area is unable to be involved in the project any more. So it’s down to me now! Fortunately I know who to contact in terms of manufacturing and will be making progress soon. Don’t worry, the project hasn’t died, it has just lost some manpower!

  10. Hello John I would like to order 2 green Tilling dust jackets please. Both medium size. Cheers Carl.

    • busmanjohn says:

      Hello Carl, there has been a delay with this project. The gentleman who was heading up this project has had to drop out, unfortunately. He was involved with a previous initiative to have London area jackets made up, which was very successful. I am hoping to pick up where he left off but I don’t seem to have much spare time available to get the project moving again. If there is any news, I will post it here.

    • I would like a tilling type with a green band size xl and a tilling type with a red band size S
      thanks, K.

  11. geoffrey lever says:

    I am desparate to obtain a tilling type jacket -size XL- with a green collar

    • busmanjohn says:

      Hello Geoffrey, sorry but my jackets project has stalled since the chap in the London area with all the contacts had to withdraw. However, I do know that a workwear manufacturer in Yarmouth makes dust jackets:

      Yarmouth Stores Ltd
      117 South Quay
      Gt Yarmouth
      NR30 3LD

      Tel : 01493 847146


      The jacket style is JK3701 but you’ll need to specify the fabric (cotton drill), colour (khaki) and trim colour (mid green) as well as the size of course. Hope this helps.

      • geoffrey lever says:

        many thanks for the jacket information – I shall proceed without delay.
        regards, geoffrey

    • Keith Richbell. says:

      I need a dust jacket with a green collar or piping,also size XL, if you want to double up on a order we could get it at a better rate.

      • busmanjohn says:

        Hello Keith, I know you’ve left comments before and I’m sorry there hasn’t been any progress. Can I suggest that you contact Yarmouth Stores (address in the previous comment)? They supply to order in a variety of sizes. I’ve had a jacket from them before and it was ideal until I managed to find an authentic one.

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