Bus driver and conductor vacancies at Crosville

There are some seasonal heritage crew jobs being advertised at the moment by Crosville Motor Services. They need to recruit additional drivers for their private hire bookings which, if you are a regular reader of this blog, is the main reason for my own involvement with this firm.

As you know I drive for them occasionally and, if last year is anything to go by, there were heritage buses going out virtually every Saturday from March until December. On several summer Saturdays there were four out at a time!


If you are a driver with a clean Category D PCV licence and current Driver CPC entitlement, call Crosville on 01934 635259 or email contact@crosvillemotorservices.co.uk. If you have an interest in older vehicles that would be great. If you are experienced with a crash gearbox be careful – they might bite your hand off! If you’re not, don’t worry as training may be given to suitable candidates.

They are looking for conductors as well, mainly for private hire jobs (weddings mostly) but also for timetabled services in the tourist season. They often use Bristol Lodekkas on a couple of their routes around W-S-M so conductors will need to be able to take fares as well as run the platform. Just like the old days, really! Ticket machines will be provided but if you have your own Setright, even better. Conductors weren’t used very much on wedding duties last year but they are likely to be needed more often this year because they will be included (or offered, at least) as part of the wedding ‘package’ by Crosville.

The work is not difficult if you know what you’re doing and it’s great fun too. If you’re like me, it’s like being paid to enjoy your hobby! Form an orderly queue, please.

9 comments on “Bus driver and conductor vacancies at Crosville

  1. Dave Moore says:

    Hi John. I’ll send Jon an e-mail, once I’ve ordered my chain mail gauntlets! Hope to meet up with you soon.

  2. Nigel Harris says:

    Hi John, Dave.
    A recent follower of your site – excellent keep it up.
    Latest Post sounds good, I can tick all the boxes……
    Interest in older vehicles…..Yes
    Experience in crash boxes…just a bit
    Experience with fares..a fare bit (excuss the pun)
    Experience in tours (as they are called where I live)…..Yes
    sounds like the ideal job…Pity I live so far away, it would be a mighty long commute!

    On a more serious note I do hope that the Open day is going to take place again, an excellent event in 2012, thoroughly enjoyed the day out, Sorry dave that i did not sample one of your trips.
    Kind regards

    • busmanjohn says:

      Hello Nige, thanks for leaving your comment. It’s such a shame that distance prevents you from applying. I know what you mean, though. If I had to travel further than I do already, I would probably not be involved as much as I am.
      As far as I know there will be another running day in 2013. If there is, and you pay us a visit, do make sure that you seek me out and say hello!

      • Nigel Harris says:

        Hi John,
        Thanks I will, will ask Dave to point you out!
        By the way, a ferry crossing would also be involved in my commute!
        I learnt to drive Bristol Lodekkas and the odd K on the Isle of Wight when I was driving them on service 42 form Yarmouth to the Needles Battery, so as a Southern Vectis employee, YDL318 really has some appeal! I have however had the pleasure of driving her sister the preserved YDL315.

  3. Dave Moore says:

    For those who don’t know Nigel, his comment that he has “just a bit” of experience with crash boxes is a serious porky. He’s an expert!
    Hope to meet up with you sometime, Nigel, either on The Island, where I am right now, or at the next Crosville running day.

    Regards to you and Alex.

  4. joseph bonaobra says:

    hi john… my name is joseph bonaobra…i am a bus conductor here in the philippines and i want to apply as a bus conductor at crosville ..can you help me on how to apply? i really really love this kind of job and i want to be a part of employee of crosville

    • busmanjohn says:

      Hello Joseph. If you wanted to work for Crosville you would need to live close to the depot in Weston-super-Mare. If you are moving from the Philippines, you will need the correct passport and visa to enable you to work legally in the UK. These are part time, not full time jobs. If you are still interested, send an email to contact@crosvillemotorservices.co.uk when you have moved to the UK.

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