Crosville Bus Rally 2013 cancelled

If you haven’t already heard, the proposed Crosville Bus Rally will NOT now take place as planned on Sunday September 1st 2013.


Sadly, a number of factors have contributed to this decision, the most important of which is that the business activities of Crosville Motor Services have increased enormously since this time last year. New local bus service routes have been added, new contracts have been won for the coach fleet and private hire work for the heritage buses is booming. With a much larger fleet to service and maintain, demands on the depot and staff are very high and the work involved in preparing the premises for a public event would be detrimental to the safe and timely operation of the business.

Every rally needs an army of volunteers to make it happen, not just on the day itself but also in the planning and preparation stages. Despite the efforts of several recruiting officers, foot soldiers for the Green Army (with apologies to Plymouth Argyle supporters) have been notable by their absence. The paid staff at Crosville just don’t have the time to pick up the slack.

I’m disappointed, of course. Last year’s rally was an extremely successful one, especially as it was the company’s first attempt. I thoroughly enjoyed helping with the preparations and with driving on the day, as you may remember when I wrote about it last year.

All is not lost, though. Crosville intend to put out ex-Bristol Omnibus VRT LEU263P and ex-Crosville FSF6G 891VFM as duplicates on the popular 100 service to Sand Bay on September 1st. These are both open top buses and will appear if mechanically fit and weather permitting.

7 comments on “Crosville Bus Rally 2013 cancelled

  1. William Spencer says:

    Shame about that, was planning on visiting this year. Maybe another year!

  2. Ken Jones says:

    Whilst I appreciate Crosville have a business to run I think it’s more than a shame they have cancelled after the build up to the event including on this blogsite. I for one had to change other plans so that I could get to the event and I think others may have done so too. There is no point travelling from the West Midlands to see 2 heritage buses in WSM at a place already known for difficult parking. Anyway I could drive there to find they are not running either.If “Crosville” announce a bus rally for next year – there’s always going to be the question will they cancel it again. Meanwhile the Taunton rally was so successful this year that I hope they will repeat it again next year.

    • William Spencer says:

      I’m with you Ken; I guess the fact that a bus operator is getting more day to day business is a good thing though. The Taunton rally was a really good, well run day.

      • busmanjohn says:

        Gentlemen, I can tell you that it was a difficult decision to make. The MD really wanted to put on a good show but several factors conspired to thwart his efforts. The needs of the growing business was just one of them. At the time the decision was made, only one stall holder had come forward expressing interest and NO visiting vehicle owners had responded to our invitation at attend. Crucially, despite making it known in good time, no volunteers came forward to help run the show. It seems that enthusiasts are heppy to turn up and take photographs or drive the buses but few are prepared to roll up their sleeves and help. We knew that the decision would not be popular but I really hope that things will be different next year.

  3. Ken Jones says:

    John I expected you to defend the decision about the rally being cancelled, shows how loyal you are. We have just been disqualified from the last event of the World athletic championships. You can make whatever excuses you want to but the result is the team were disqualified.

    It’s the same with the bus rally – you can make whatever excuses you want to but the result is still the same the rally is cancelled. My view it’s better to have gone ahead and shown how difficult it was to put on, rather than cancelling the event and then listing reasons, especially as the official reason given is the business.

    The athletes will be disappointed that they were disqualified but they will all be glad they were in the final. Cancelling the bus rally is the same as the athletes not turning up in advance because they thought they would lose.

    • busmanjohn says:

      Ken, I appreciate your frustration but the simple fact is that Crosville had neither the venue, any visiting vehicles nor the manpower available to plan and ‘man’ the event. Any loyalty I might feel towards Crosville is irrelevant when I was just passing on the facts as I have heard them.

      Long-standing events such as Bristol Harbourside (for instance) have the benefit of a loyal core of volunteer helpers and a non-commercial venue. Maybe one day Crosville will be able to attract a similar group of active volunteers who can help make a W-S-M event happen. We shall see.

  4. William Spencer says:

    I’d agree with John here. With businesses in the current climate, throwing a poor, understaffed, lightly attended event would please no one and make it less likely that they would want to hold the event another year when viable, not to mention the bad impression it would make on enthusiasts.

    I watched the athletics too; and I’d liken this to trying to enter a competition when you already knew you didn’t have the relevant qualities. There’s a difference between trying your best and failing & making an idiot of yourselves.

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