Farewell, Dad.

You may have noticed a lack of blog posts lately. Life has been rather hectic and not just because of my bus driving job with my local steam railway. My Dad has been poorly with cancer for many months and last week he finally passed away.


This photo was taken earlier this year when we had a ‘boys’ day out’. Four generations of transport lovers! Our final trip of the day was on the Seaton Tramway which is a wonderful journey down memory lane, although Dad was the only one who would have remembered trams in everyday service!

He was the one who hoisted me into the driver’s seat of a Wilts & Dorset Bristol Lodekka when I was only 3 or 4 years old. That’s when my interest in buses began. Sadly I was not able to take him for a ride I’d planned for him in a Bath Services Bristol KSW, a bus he would have seen passing his front door in Salisbury. However, I am glad that I was able to take him (and all my family) out for a day on a Hants & Dorset FLF last year.

I have several new posts lined up for your delight. The trouble is, they’re all in my head at the moment – I just haven’t had time to put finger to keyboard. I hope you can wait a little longer…

7 comments on “Farewell, Dad.

  1. Andy Spiller says:


    my thoughts are with you, stay safe mate.

  2. William Spencer says:

    Sorry to hear of your bad news; I guess passing down the bus bug through the generations is a fitting memento.

  3. heikoworld says:

    Sorry to hear this John, he looked like a great Dad. A fitting picture you have posted of four generations, together.

  4. Mike & Val Dan says:

    so sorry to hear of the death of your dear Father – he looks a really nice chap and lovely photo.
    we both enjoy your blogs and have missed you lately. God bless
    Val and Mike

  5. Mike & Val Dan says:

    Best wishes to you and the family from me too John. Mike.

  6. Sorry to read of your sad loss John. I am sure all the memories and pictures you have of him will keep you going. He is now in that big Bus Garage in the sky, (or perhaps he would prefer a Tram Depot).
    All the best, and my thought are with you.

    • busmanjohn says:

      Many thanks Stephen and all those who have left kind comments. The pain of Dad’s passing is eased by the knowledge that this was not the end. He was a Christian believer (as am I) and we are sure that this is just promotion to a higher place!

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