On duty in Bristol with a Bristol Omnibus Lodekka

A particularly satisfying wedding duty came my way the other week when I was rostered to transport a wedding party to a reception venue in Bristol. Satisfying, because I was allocated a bus which ran in the city throughout most of its service life.


I had driven this bus only once before, on my assessment session back in 2011. It was unavailable for service for most of this season due to fuel system repairs and has only recently been declared fit again. I was looking forward to experiencing this bus on a ‘live’ duty and especially as I would be able to drive through the city streets where it was once a familiar sight.

LC8518 was built in 1959 for the Bristol Omnibus city services and has a Bristol AVW 6-cylinder engine driving through a 4-speed gearbox. Top speed is about 33mph so the empty journey from Weston to Bristol gave me plenty of time to become accustomed to the bus. In most respects it was similar to drive to the other Lodekkas I have driven, the most significant difference lay in the AVW engine. This sounds quite different to a Gardner 6LW, more throaty I suppose. It delivers its power differently, too. When I press the loud pedal to accelerate there is a noticeable delay while the engine develops more power. It’s as if it’s girding up its loins for the task ahead! With a 6LW you get what you ask for almost instantly. Once I had allowed for this, driving LC8518 was a real pleasure.


I had allowed more than enough time for the empty journey so I parked up near Clifton Downs to wait time. I drove down Whiteladies Road and parked in a bus layby outside the Victoria Square Hotel. While I waited for the guests to gather and board I met a photographer who happened to be passing on his way home from a long cycle ride. He was interested in the bus and took several shots. 972EHW-and-guests The full set is available to view here. Soon afterwards my conductor arrived and we set off on the short drive to Clifton Pavilion, an event venue operated by Bristol Zoo.

Almost as soon as it started, the job was done. Another one of those duties involving a long(ish) empty journey and a relatively short hop with passengers on board. I don’t mind – it’s what the customer has paid for and, as long as everyone is safely and comfortably driven to the venue, I’m happy!

On this occasion it gave us the opportunity to drive the bus through the city centre streets as in days of old. 972EHW-Bristol-Centre My conductor, a resident of this fair city, took this shot as we stopped briefly at one of the Centre bus stops. After that it was time for me to take the old girl back home to Weston.

Since that duty I have been out again with LC8518’s sister, Bath Services LD6G L8515, along with ‘Bosworth’, a Bedford OB coach which has featured here before.

5 comments on “On duty in Bristol with a Bristol Omnibus Lodekka

  1. Simon Grant regular Crosville Conductor says:

    And I’d been waiting ages to conduct on this bus and for once it was actually on a job it was rostered for….made my day 🙂

  2. Bill Stickers says:

    Are you sure its got an AVW engine John, and not the later 8.9 litre BVW. I think by 1959 the AVW had been replaced by the BVW.

    • busmanjohn says:

      I queried that earlier this year when I was helping to source parts for the engine. I have been assured by the owner that it was one of the last Lodekkas to be fitted with an AVW.

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