Wanted: Autovac for Bristol K

As part of the maintenance work on newly-acquired Bristol K6A HLJ44, Crosville needs to replace part of the Autovac system.


More specifically, the pipes leading from the Autovac tank (marked in red in the photo) to the engine require replacement. Does anyone know where a set of these could be sourced or made? Answers on a postcard, cunningly disguised as a comment on this blog, to Busman John please.

In a nutshell, the Autovac sucks diesel fuel (in the case of this bus) from the main fuel tank and delivers it to the injectors of the engine via the auxilliary tank you can see mounted on the front bulkhead. Those who are interested in the inner workings of the system can follow this link which, appropriately for us, uses a photo of a double deck bus to illustrate the page.

This AEC-powered bus will be added to the Crosville heritage hire fleet next year and I for one am looking forward to driving it!

8 comments on “Wanted: Autovac for Bristol K

  1. You could try Steve Price at Price Bros. Auto Engineers in Avonmouth, they very good at making things.

    • busmanjohn says:

      Thank you Nigel, I will pass on the info.

      • David Jenkins says:

        Hi slightly off topic,I used to drive HLJ44 on almost a daily bases when I used to work at Hants &Dorset motor services for many years.
        She was based at the best depot Bournemouth but I am biased on that,She was used a lot on Service 22 (all rounder’ Bournemouth -Wimborne ,Poole and return plus our other routes really was a dream to drive.

      • busmanjohn says:

        What a great comment – thank you! I look forward to following in your illustrious footsteps. Would you care to contribute some of your driving memories to this blog? They would make a fantastic companion to the page ‘Conducting for Wilts & Dorset’.

      • David Jenkins says:

        I will do that in the near future I have enough memories almost all good ones with my time with Hants & Dorset Motor Services great times great work mates and if I where young I would do exactly the same job with the same firm again.

      • busmanjohn says:

        Great! I will email you privately with instructions on how to submit your material to me. Thanks again.

  2. John Wye says:

    JD, are the pipes, Brass, steel or reinforced hydraulic rubber ones? Cheers

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