Busman John on the TV

If any of you happened to be watching ITV yesterday evening you might have spotted me in action with the Agatha Christie vintage bus. It was one of several segments in the ‘Richard Wilson on the Road’ programme in which he has been touring Great Britain using 1930s Shell Guides as reference.

AHL694 still from ITV trailer

As you may have read before, Richard and his TV crew spent a day about 9 months ago riding on the Leyland PS1 (AHL694) and visiting Greenway House. As per usual with these things, they shot much more footage than was actually used in the programme. In some ways I’m quite happy about that, particularly as some of the footage would have come from a camera mounted in the cab, focussed on me! Oo-er, a bit too close for comfort!

You can read the post I wrote at the time here and you can watch the episode again here (until March 4th 2015).

8 comments on “Busman John on the TV

  1. William Spencer says:

    I saw the episode, well the bit with the bus in anyway! I imagine the whole TV, cameras, crew experience is more daunting than you’d imagine before hand! Well worth it though I would think 🙂

    • busmanjohn says:

      Thank you, William. Yes it was a bit scary so it pays not to think about it too much! It gave me a good insight into how time-consuming such a short segment is to produce.

  2. R Davies says:

    My dad and brother both ,have driven this bus when it was owned by J BULLOCK AND sons Wakefield

    • busmanjohn says:

      That’s amazing, Mr Davies. Thank you very much for your comment. I’m sure they would have been gobsmacked if they’d known back then that the bus would still be in service in the 21st century!

  3. Westinghouse says:

    Hi John – fantastic webpage – been a joy reading it!
    I’m trying to get together a wartime conductors style uniform and have some questions about it. Do you have an email address I could ping you at with a couple of questions?
    Many thanks!

  4. Helen says:

    Hi John
    Enjoyed the programme – I now feel I’ve had a little ride in the AG bus, jolts and all! Well done!

    • busmanjohn says:

      Thank you Helen. Yes, it’s not in any way a comfy ride but it’s full of character. My passengers always appreciated riding on the bus to Greenway – it’s a very appropriate way to travel!

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