Bus crew style dust jackets

I know some of you are still waiting for news of the long-awaited replica Tilling dust jackets. Thanks for being patient – it will be worth the wait. But for those who are keen to have a look-alike jacket ready for the 2015 season, there is an alternative.


This is a bus-style jacket produced by Yarmouth Stores, a workwear manufacturer on the east coast of England. They’ve been making these for several years now and they look quite convincing if you regularly play the part of a traditional bus driver or bus conductor. In fact I used to wear one of these before I found an original one online. I’m wearing a Yarmo jacket in the photo below, which was taken by Cherry Selby, a lovely lady conductor who took me under her wing when I first started conducting.

Yarmouth-Stores-jacketSold under the ‘Yarmo‘ brand, the Summer Bus Jackets (ref JK37) are available in most sizes with a choice of green or maroon trim. When their new website goes live you will be able to purchase these online but, until then, call Yarmouth Stores on 0800 1300521 and ask for Sharon, the Sales Manager. The price is a very reasonable £31.95 plus £3.50 for delivery. If you ask nicely and mention ‘Busman’s Holiday’ you might even get a small discount!

If you have your own collection of bus uniform buttons you can use them with these jackets because the black plastic buttons provided are removable and have a split-ring fastening just like the originals.

I ought to point out that these jackets are made to a freelance pattern and the fabric is polyester, rather than the cotton twill that the originals were made from.

If you are interested in uniform trousers as well – complete with coloured piping down the legs, these are available from Yarmo as well. Like the jackets, these are made from polyester fabric and come in most sizes. You can choose from yellow, red or green piping. I wear a pair of these in the summer as they are much lighter and more comfortable than the original woollen serge trousers.

In other news, it’s nearly time to blow the cobwebs off the 1947 PD2 bus in readiness for the 2015 sightseeing season and I have my first Crosville private hire duty of the year in about 10 days’ time.

15 comments on “Bus crew style dust jackets

  1. Cherry says:

    Thanks for the credit John :-))

  2. neal porter says:

    Hi.I popped up to Yarmouth store today and picked up my jacket not with green but burgendy collars and cuffs.And if you pay a bit extra they will do some embrodary.EATM on mine..Great service fast and worth the price…Ask for Sharon….

  3. Governor's daughter says:

    Great to see people still have the love for bus conductors. My late Father was a conductor many many moons ago, and it is quite ironic as I was looking for some item and found the box with his old jackets ( green collar but unsure if the cuffs had green on them ), and also his conductor ticket puncher with a ticket holder and old tickets, I can still remember playing with the items as a child but was never allowed to punch holes in the tickets.
    Such a blast from the past but certainly worth memories.

  4. Billy says:

    Do you know if they can produce grey versions, I’m looking for a London Transport conductors dust jacket.


  5. W lewis says:

    Brilliant Jackets shame you not got red cuffs and collars.

  6. Louise says:

    Cannot find the bus driver trousers with piping you mentioned on the yarmo website. Do you have a link you can email me please and a link for the person who supplies London Transport jackets. Thank you.

    • busmanjohn says:

      I don’t think they are listed as busman’s trousers but they are available as a variation on standard workwear. Email Yarmouth Stores FAO Sharon and describe the garment. She will know what you need.

  7. Louise says:

    Unfortunately they don’t sell the trousers as single item anymore, only as a larger order of at least 10 pairs.

  8. Paul Robinson says:

    Does anyone know anywhere else I might be able to get Tillings style uniform jackets and trousers with YELLOW piping?? Thanks in advance.

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