Wedding Fair with a Crosville Bristol L5G

Last weekend was unusual for several reasons. Firstly, I spent a day in uniform but didn’t do any conducting or driving. Secondly, I wrote off a car in an accident but more of that later. I was invited to help promote the reborn Crosville Motor Services at a Wedding Fair in Bristol.

Accompanied by the proud owner of this fine vehicle and a member of his family, I travelled up to Clifton College, Bristol where the Wedding Fair was to take place. The weather was perfect and the autumn colours were vibrant as we made our stately progress along the A370 from Weston-super-Mare. It was almost a convoy of vintage buses that morning because another three Bristols had left the garage just ahead of us, a Bristol KSW6B, a Bristol LD6G and an ex-New Zealand Bristol RE. They were all heading for a rally in Brislington, their birthplace.

We had a small stand in the exhibition, which was organised by the South West Wedding Guild. The beautiful banquet hall, with its high vaulted ceiling, was the location for the Fair which provided a showcase for everything you could possibly need for a wedding. As long as you had plenty of the folding stuff, of course.

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Big Shout-out for Rob Sly

Congratulations to Rob Sly, who has passed his PCV practical test in the last few days.

Rob is one of my blog readers but is far bigger in the bus world than I will ever be. He has a passion for all things Bristol, particularly of the LH, RE and VR varieties. In fact, he’s so enthusiastic about Bristol VRs that he owns one (JOU161P)! Now that he’s passed his test he can drive it with a full load if he wants to and I’m sure that he will as soon as possible!

I can highly recommend his long-established and highly regarded website, Bristol Commercial Vehicles Enthusiasts. There you’ll find details of every surviving Bristol Lodekka, RE, LH and VR, along with links to sites which specialise in other Bristol bus marques.

Have you ever driven up a gradient on a dual carriageway or motorway with your foot to the floor? And have you felt rather envious of other drivers whose cars sail past you as if they were going downhill? Well that’s how I feel now! Rob has overtaken me on the road to PCV status while I’m marking time, waiting for some colleagues to play catch-up.

I’m not bitter of course and I wish Rob all the best in his further adventures out on the road with historic, cherished vehicles.