Morris Minor wedding car

This is one of those posts that doesn’t feature a bus, or at least not directly. This time I’m focussing on one of my other interests, the Morris Minor.


I recently acquired a new Minor, after passing my first one (a Dove Grey 2-door saloon) to my son Peter. He has inherited my love of historic transport and often joins me on my bus adventures as Conductor. Convertible Morris Minors don’t come onto the market very often so I was particularly drawn to this one, especially as it is white. Regular readers will know that I attend many weddings as a vintage bus driver so the prospect of turning out occasionally with a Moggie appealed to me!

The market for classic vehicles as wedding transport continues to flourish in the UK, and not just vintage buses. Vintage cars have been used for weddings for decades but recently other types of vehicle have gained popularity. These days you can see brides arriving for their marriage ceremony in vehicles as diverse as stretched limos, fire engines and VW camper vans! The iconic Morris Minor has also been added to the list of popular vehicles in the last few years but I have never seen one used as wedding transport in South Devon. So I intend to plug that gap!

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