Hazard Perception test tomorrow

I have to take my PCV driver hazard perception test tomorrow morning, the second module of the theory test. I’ll run through the DSA’s simulator DVD once more tonight to see if I can click at the right time to identify the hazards in the clips. I’ve learned that, even if the hazards don’t develop, they want to see if I can recognise the situations that might be potential hazards.

If I pass tomorrow I will be able to book up my practical instruction and test.

The story so far

Having decided that the time was right to migrate from the back of a bus to the front, I gathered the necessary forms from the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) along with several text books on driving large vehicles. I called my local doctor’s surgery and nearly fell off my chair when they quoted £104.00 to carry out a medical! I politely said “thanks, I’ll be in touch”. I was of course, but not with them. After a bit of digging around on the net, I found another doctor across town who would do it for £35.00. This suited my pocket much better so I made an appointment.

The day of my appointment arrived and my next challenge was to find the place. It was actually a Chiropractor’s surgery on the first floor above a small shop in a pedestrian precinct. This being a Saturday, it was occupied by a doctor whose waiting room was full of chaps like me, clutching D4 Medical Report forms. Continue reading