Maudslay FJ6154 returns to Exeter: Maud does her civic duty

Saturday May 2nd 2015 will always be a landmark day in the life of Exeter Corporation No 5. However, on the day the bus was due to meet the Lord Mayor of Exeter, the weather refused to play ball.


Mrs Busman John and I arrived at the Exeter City Council depot early in the morning to help prepare the Maudslay ML3 for her big day. Our Chairman had arrived even earlier and we found that everything had already been checked and all I needed to do was to climb into the tiny cab (good job I have short legs…) and start her up.

Soon we were out on the city streets again, making our way into the city centre for our rendezvous with the Lord Mayor. This time there was no escort car so the Maudslay had to fight its own battles in the busy city traffic. Again, I was glad to have had the chance to get to know the bus really well on the journey down to Exeter the previous day as this allowed me to focus on navigating my route to the coach station. I chose the wrong lane once at a busy junction but, in my defence, I’m sure the road markings are misleading!


The weather was atrocious and our arrival at the coach station – surely its most elderly visitor yet – was made in very grey and dismal conditions. We had allowed for all sorts of delays but fortunately there were none so we arrived with plenty of time to spare. I parked the bus near the exit onto Paris Street and we waited in the dry interior while the rain dribbled down the windows from the canvas covered roof. It has not been re-covered so is the original but it has been thoroughly waterproofed.

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