Déjà View

Here’s a photograph I took while on holiday on the Isle of White in about 1988. I’d taken my family on a day trip around the island and we had planned a visit to Alum Bay. I had no idea that Southern Vectis were still running a handful of Bristol Lodekkas, converted to open top, on some tourist routes so it was a nice surprise to see this old timer waiting at the bus stop in Yarmouth, albeit in a rather garish Viewfinder livery.

It was filling up fast and we could find standing room only, in the lower saloon. That suited me fine, as I was standing at the noisy end! As the bus pulled away in 2nd gear I could tell that the gearbox was showing signs of a hard life. There appeared to be teeth missing – I could almost count the revolutions of the gear shaft!

I don’t remember much of the journey but I did take a photo after we had alighted at Alum Bay. I thought it might be the last time I would see such an old timer in service. Little did I know…

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