Reviving service 400 – ‘Exmoor Explorer’

So what can be done to revive the fortunes of service 400, the ‘Exmoor Explorer’?

I’ve been conducting on the service 400 open top tour for about half of its existence and in that time I’ve seen a slow decline in passenger numbers. I don’t know its early history but I believe it started as a minibus service, running one round trip per operating day. At the peak of its popularity there were three departures per day, using 2 open top Bristol Lodekka buses but this proved too costly to sustain and a two-trip format has been in place for the past 7 years.

In all that time, the service was supported financially by Somerset County Council (SCC) to the extent that Quantock Motor Services, as the contracted operator, was being paid a set amount to provide the service. This being the case, SCC took responsibility for promoting the service. The Council designed and printed attractive timetable leaflets which were distributed around the Minehead area and carried on board the buses to cater for passing enquirers. Timetables were also posted on all the bus stops around the route and a dedicated page was maintained on the SCC website. There may also have been other forms of marketing that I’m not aware of.

Now that SCC has withdrawn funding from the route, their only contribution is to print a limited number of leaflets and maintain the Service 400 web page. The service now has to support itself as a commercial venture and depends on good loadings to generate sufficient revenue. Unfortunately there isn’t a great deal of expertise within the company when it comes to marketing and promotion. The QMS website hasn’t even been updated since May and I get the impression that there isn’t the will to make the 400 successful again.

If I had the chance, there are a number of things I would do in an effort to drive passenger numbers up:

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