London Transport ST922 in 1974

I took this photo in May 1974 while on a field trip from Art College. We were visiting art galleries in London and taking in a few sights as well when I came across this 1930 AEC Regent on Sightseeing Tour duty. London at that time was seething with Routemasters of various kinds so it was a pleasant surprise to see such an ancient vehicle – with an open staircase – in service in the capital.

Petrol engined GJ2098 (ST922) began life as a Tilling-bodied ST in November 1930 and operated in South London until withdrawal in 1954, latterly as a mobile canteen. After some time in a dealer’s yard, it was bought and restored by Prince Marshall before being re-introduced onto London’s streets on the above mentioned sightseeing tour.

It now resides with the London Bus Preservation Trust at Cobham and is currently operational.