Tilling jacket project update

Just a quick update for all those who have kindly expressed an interest in ordering from a new batch of Tilling-style summer dust jackets.

I’ve added together the ‘votes’ from the poll on this page, along with those which came via email or in person. If all those expressions of interest are eventually converted into firm orders, we’ll be looking at a batch of more than 50 jackets!

Most of these favour a jacket with green trim but a handful have chosen red trim. All being well, we should be able to cater for both. There have also been enquiries for the white coaching variant but I’m not sure if that’s do-able yet.

So, there’s more than enough interest to plan the next stage. We are approaching a few suitable workwear manufacturers for quotes and timescales at the moment.

Does anyone out there have a red-trimmed jacket in good condition that they would be prepared to lend to this project as a sample? It will of course be returned to you undamaged. If you can help, please leave a comment and I will contact you direct.

Summer seems to be a long way off. Especially as I’m writing this on the top deck of a Bristol FLF on a freezing cold Saturday afternoon! However, I came prepared. Thermal long-johns, a winter uniform AND a heavy Tilling overcoat are keeping me nice and toasty.

I’m waiting for the wedding ceremony to finish before giving the guests a short tour of the Christmas lights on the way to the reception.

But the story of the double-decker bus and the 200 Santas will have to wait until the next blog post!